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● Russian fans injured as Rome metro Escalator gives way

More than 20 people were hurt, some seriously, when an escalator ran out of control at a Rome metro station. Footage shared on social media showed people being crushed at the bottom as stairs on the escalator crumpled.Many of those injured ...【Read More】

● ESKONE Chooses AT&T to Connect Smart Elevators and Escalators in North America

KONE Americas has chosen ATT as an Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and service management provider for KONE 24/7 Connected Services, which enables monitoring and analysis of real-time data from elevators and escalators. The companies...【Read More】

● Parts of Elevator and Its Function

Elevators have been around for many years.Let’s here take a closer look at parts of elevators and its function.Speed Governors,Electric Motor,Elevator Rails,Cabin,Elevator Shaft,Doors,Drive unit,Buffers,Safety device...【Read More】

● ESSchindler debuts robotic system for Elevators

ESSchindler has announced the debut of its Robotics Installation System for Elevators (R.I.S.E), which it claims will pave the way for greater automation and digitalisation in the lift/elevator industry....【Read More】

● China's elevator industry development status

With the global population growth, the acceleration of urbanization and the improvement of people's demand for convenient living, elevators have become an indispensable part of people's lives, and they are also one of the important construct...【Read More】

● The continuous development of elevator industry

Today, elevator technology is still based on similar mechanical principles, using electric drive for vertical traction. At the moment, the skyscrapers all over the world seem to climb higher than the general. Behind these towering towers, th...【Read More】

● Elevator drive systems

Geared traction machines are driven by AC or DC electric motors. Geared machines use worm gears to control mechanical movement of elevator cars by "rolling" steel hoist ropes over a drive sheave which is attached to a gearbox driven by a hig...【Read More】

● Machine room less elevator

Machine room less elevators (usually shortened to as M.R.L. or MRL) are a type of either traction or hydraulic elevator which do not require a machine room for the elevator....【Read More】

● Intelligent elevator

Internet of Things technology is making elevator products more and more "smart". Through network information technology, elevators, passengers, and maintenance services are connected in series. The sensor installed in the elevator makes the...【Read More】

● New installations and Existing installations For Escalators

The European Standard EN 115 and the Machinery Directive (2006/42/ EC) define and regulate the safety of construction and the installation of escalators and moving walkways in buildings.Height of the balustrade...【Read More】

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